Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thursday 26th March (pre-project)

This week we have been down in Christchurch working with the E-fellows setting up our respective projects. On Monday we started the three day session with a high energy hunt around Christchurch. Over the remaining three days we spent time clarifying and summarising our project outline. The most useful part of the three days was the opportunity to hear what the other e-fellows are doing. It would have been great to hear a little more from each, as it is still a little fuzzy what each person is doing.

It was also great getting an opportunity to spend some time with our mentor/team leaders, fleshing out a timeline and clarifying what t is we will be looking at measuring. One major challenge over the three days was technology! My laptop continues to play up and our wireless connection was slow at best and non-existent at worst. This was hugely infuriating as I feel like the main thing this three day session could have offered was time! Time that could have been spent creating the resources I need to support this project; updating my existing Year 11 wiki and creating a second one for my other Year 11 class. I also would have liked time to create my pre-project survey for my students.

On the whole the three days were useful and enjoyable. I particularly enjoyed meeting the Core crew and getting to know the e-fellows a little better. Thanks to Vince, Michael, Gina and all for looking after us so well!

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