Sunday, April 26, 2009

Monday 27th April (week one)

Well first week in to project time and already experiencing delays! I am at home most of this week with a chicken pox covered daughter. The upside is (as well as cuddling daugther on couch), is that it is giving me some extra time to work on getting the student sites and resources ready. I have updated my 11 English Avanced site from last year, and have replicated the page for for 11 English site also:
11 English Advanced:
11 English:

Over the next couple of days I will be creating a short survey looking at student attitudes to writing and their preferences for using ICT or pen and paper.

Next week I will set up the first topic and students will have the choise of completing the fortnightly tasks by hand or as a blog hyperlinked to formal writing page of their class site.

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